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tv   The Big Weekend Show  FOX News  February 11, 2024 1:00am-2:00am PST

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a city near you on my everybody calm down tour tickets are on sale now and alas i've got to salute my staff a lot of people thought this show could not happen this week our executive producers on drinking in the dominican republic. normally when we go live he's drinking in the controller and the whole team did a phenomenal job this week they are all entitled to order whatever they want on me at chick-fil-a this sunday. good night from new york city i am jimmy failla i will see you next saturday and until then remember you can be a republican, you can be a democrat just next. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hello everyone i am joey jones along with kennedy, alicia and joe. welcome to the big weck we can show the big story tonight joe
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biden's a bad week. it would not be fixed earlier this week was the sisters or birthday at lunch and delaware. that all began last sunday of biden and his team probably had what he would call the sunday skiers they showed a pole but showed 75% of registered voters are worried about biden's mental and physical health. then, by dental problems with his memory began vacant fused a current french president with one that was three decades ago request right after i select they went to at the call g7 meeting in all of that nato leaders and i sat down and i said america's back. it and they looked from france looked at me and said said you know, wyatt: you back for? and follow that up on tuesday with more troubles biden seem to forget hamas is a terrorist group. >> there has been a response
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from the alma there has been a response from the opposition. but i am sorry. yes from hamas. parks good job having his back. maura woes on wednesday when he seemed to have a memory lapse when talking about the chancellor of germany said at a fundraiser quote it is interesting to hear the first meeting i attended as president of the united states is in great britain cole said joe, what do you think if you picked up the phone picked up the paper tomorrow and learn and the london times on the front page 1000 people stormed the parliament. then the tumultuous thursday. special counselor released his report on the classified document and found quote it would be difficult to convince a jury they should convict him by
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then a former president well into his 80s of the serious felony that requires a mental state of willfulness. but it was reportedly enraged according to the "washington post" he said to his team quote how the f could i forget the day my son died? then take the press conference that marked the beginning of the end of biden's reelection opportunity. >> i know they believe i'm an elderly man on the present i put this country back on its feet. my memory is fine. kennedy, there's a lot of places we can go with this. after the press conference. [laughter] they wethere were more reactionm white house staff members try to smooth this over you are an american sitting there, take any of those days and moments for just this past week and this press conference he did after the special report, where do you
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go from there? what do you take from it? let's take the pyramids of giza are in mexico. [laughter] to talk to mexico's president. they were going to work on humanitarian aid it's benevolent on mexico unfortunately his time at egypt at the time. this a bad polling was taking before all these gaps. when you lump them together paints the worst picture we have had of his mental acuity during his presidency but this is the one aspect that will never improve it. his best days are far behind him the economy will improve public things will improve in ukraine and in the middle east. but, in terms of its pencil capacity which is where he is having the most problems 760% of respondents would say he's unfit for the job. >> of most of the people i know would say that but some people may feel sorry for him but we are a country that could go to war. feeling sorry for an old man is
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not where we need to be. this wall street journal article on friday i want to read what they had to say about it. i think it really -- michael try the headline for us it's panic, fury, blame inside the white house after it reports target biden's age. i want to read this quote and react from it. at the white house officials were apoplectic as the race to contain the pilot of characterization of biden's memory some democrats inside and outside of biden's bubble were privately anxious about what is next for the campaign. in his decision to forgo a high-profile interview ahead of sunday's super bowl has also drawn scrutiny for like the super bowl interviews the least of his worries at this point. >> anis not doing the super bowl interview puts a bowl and thanks for republicans if you think about it but also additionally the wall street journal did talk to a former biden aide who reportedly expressed frustration with the biden's staff for
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putting him in this position where he was talking to special counsel just two days after israel was attacked. the message they risked sending his only one crisis at a time, folks. two things cannot be handled at once but you take a step further let's just give the president the benefit of the doubt was only 48 hours is in real israel had been attacked. he was in the situation room, he had a lot going on. the expectation they're telling us the things are going to get bungled, fine but this was not a one off. that is the problem you it over example after example of what the special counsel experience. it is a tough sell for his defenders. i guess my problem here is everyone is trying to spin this for joe biden. they are doing it in a way to almost put the blame back at special counsel. if you read this report the essence of the report is joe
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biden possessed material he should not have been 2017. admitted to it on tape, soap stl possessed in 2022. the only reason they cannot prosecute him for holding the evidence as an opportunity for joe biden to tell a jury forgot he had it. though it away exonerate him possibly front of a jury. the reason i bring this up i don't think people have explained that the law broken was in 2017 we have upset about by the special counsel is him explaining what biden would say to a jury. after these words a special counsel use used to explain his decision, here is the media doing a fantastic job of experiencing. quite a few are left to wonder why this report spends time making gratuitous and inappropriate criticisms of the president. former attorney general eric holder said the report quote contains way too many gratuitous
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remarks afraid the gratuitous remarks, the gratuitous comments because they are saying it's gratuitous we certainly agree it is gratuitous. the gratuitous comments and the report and they gratuitous comments in the report are troubling. and there inappropriate. >> reality is that report, that part of the report does not live in rails it doesn't. >> and special counsel's lying on his memory? >> it is unacceptable and it does not live in reality. that is just the facts. >> the comments are made by the prosecutor gratuitous, and accurate and inappropriate. both thothose are white house os and the vice president. obviously mediated the same thing. you can either explain to us what gratuitous means or reactor is at once fine with me for gutfeld to the media part there's a gap on msnbc who said because joe biden writes a bicycle that proves he has the mental fitness to be president.
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as if because you can operation when you can be the commander-in-chief of our armed forces. that's the type of arguments we were hearing here. think about the details he was a bungling as far as his interview special counsel pretty could not remember when he began his vice president, 2009. and when he exited 2017. he also could not remember not the day his son died, that's excusable it may be. he was not even within a couple of years in the situation. we talked about his bad week, this was on those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad probably the worst since the f cat withdrawal. the fact he france while the fronts present i get if he died maybe a couple months or maybe a year ago. we are talking he died so long ago that patrick mahomes was one one-year-old when it happened , 96. you have to expect at this point is going to talk about a zoom cazoomcall he had with charles e
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gaulle. this is a turning point because you countries.would you have the impression is made is too old to be president you cannot put humpty dumpty back together in the minds of the american people. they don't feel he is up for the job now and think about this, five years from now he will just be leaving office. >> cannot explain why this is gratuitous very quickly? what's at the basis for not charge him it was as a member there painted that is greatest asset in front of a jury it's not gratuitous at all. prosecutors have to decide they have to weigh whether they could get a conviction. if you're charged with a federal crime is a 97% conviction rate. it is because that what they do trying to figure out what will play in front of a jury. in their minds they were actually saying because he does not have a grasp of these very critical details. a jury will rule in his favor. >> out is the problem, i want to
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give a chance to weigh in on the topic we brought her on the table the idea they're pushing back on this being hateful remarks, judge and joe biden's character as a person when in fact that's the linchpin that cap the start of the legal side is there an element we are behind closed doors or happy the prosecutor brought this defense forward and kind of left him off the hook on it? >> the problem is it's inconvenient but they are lucky because they needed this element of his memory to help get him offered. it also at the same time cuts him off. there's really no way for this to become a positive. even though there are no charges for question cannot be convicted but you also can't be reelected for the thing that saves you and your political career we have to be able to rely on someone to make the critical decisions happening all at once. on to your point you cannot deal with one thing and be squirreled away into the basement hope nothing else pops up. it is a whack a mole that's with the presidency is.
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>> we are probably going if someone else run for the democratic nomination at this point. i really feel that way i do have not felt that way until this week and that's we see no will talk more about her little bit. coming up on his jam packed big weekend show ken joe biden -- and joe biden shelter president biden from critics who wanted to step aside. plus an oklahoma school leader bites it back to band b from school cafeterias. >> burgers are great here in oklahoma and you are welcome for lunch anytime. next toptapping into some unique superstitions are ahead of the big showdown in sin city.
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watch. quick something special the council said in his report is one of the reasons you ar you wt in charge is because, in his description you are a well meaning elderly man with a poor memory. >> i am well meaning and i am an elderly man and i know what i'm doing. >> he mentioned your mem memory can you continue as president questioned. >> my memory so bad i let you speak. >> do think it memory's gotten worse mr. president question rick know my memory is fine. >> i would not go with fineness the best description. maybe that's why joel usually jumps up to get him offstage a new book also claimed she even got upset that biden's team because a press conference went too long saying two years ago quote why didn't anyone stop that? an excerpt from american woman that is the book. explains what happens next quote everyone stayed silent looking at one another and then at her
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and back to one another pit that included the most powerful man in the world, her husband essentially played along not offering an answer even though aides had slipped him a card suggesting he and the press conference. so it is interesting. right do not blame jill biden for being defensive of her husband. i think any woman would do the same thing and make sure that he is protected but she obviously knows what condition she is in. what i do blame her for is the fact they are continuing the charade. >> she is not just a spouse she is the first lady and she knows very well what she is dealing with. what we don't know is how long she has been leading him along and defending him and i got it. that is what spouses do some left my husband out to dry i would end them he knows that in sorandso the people around him. but i am not the first lady you can think about in a warm way if she's protecting her husband until you consider in this book
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her dislike of trump was a driving reaso recent binder supt for him to run. and for reelection so she knows exactly not all who she is dealing with her staff is doing with but who the united states has in the white house and she continues to let him do this on sounds like a blames others when he is not up to the task. >> she also has no love for the vice president. that has been it made it plain what's talk a little bit about the "new york post" headline. there's an op ed said joe biden condemns elder abuse on show now they must force him to step aside and there is a quote from within the article from editorial board his aides knutson james kleiber the entire democratic establishment new yet terrified bernie sanders to win the nomination and failed to take down their mortal enemy, donald trump they propped up biden like he was a candidate more accurately weekend at
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bernie's to try to capture some of the obama nostalgia. it's time for the same democrats who like to get biden into the white house to tell them he must step aside before their 25th amendment is invoked. reasonable words questioned. >> reasonable up until the 25th amendment part then you did two thirds of the house to remove him. you don't get two thirds of anything anymore democrats be a huge embarrassment from the party and that is not the way they wanted to go. joe biden hinted in 2019 he would be a one term president. his job was to get donald trump out and hand the baton off to, whips harris who is currently pulling at 28% approval but joe biden pick are slightly less popular than wildfires records is like gas station sushi at this point it's about that kind of popularity she is not an option at this point jill biden has been very successful in terms of keeping them out of the spotlight let's count the ways he has not had a formal tv interview since october think about that that was a t-ball
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session. after he went one to south carolina the first primer for the democratic party wins it resoundingly as was expected most people go out into a victory speech around 9:00 p.m. or 10:00 p.m. he phoned it in literal did by video instead we attacked the houthis there's no interest address of nation afte. you cannot win the presidency again without covid by pleading the fifth and hiding in the basin he has to defend his wreck of the problem is when he puts them in front of the television cameras or cell thursday the press conference is a cleanup not only an l5 at 12, 17, 24 regrets he could n cannot read e prompter. he cannot talk extemporaneously. there are democrats saying maybe he should wear better makeup under everything seated pretty even hilary clinton said the age factor really is a deal. >> think about how you start this. i don't blame a spouse taking up for their spouse. i agree with you if someone were picking on him because he had stuff in his teeth at the dinner
1:22 am
table. he is the commander-in-chief of our country if he was to stand in front of a podium and talked for two hours we should want him to do that. most importantly he should be capable of doing that. on that is the problem for joe biden has no place in blaming a staff for not turning her husband from a puppet different than what he is getting mad at them as i getting mad in the mirror you not going to get anything from it if you don't have self-awareness. the self-awareness was only saving grace they could have ever had because in a primal manner we respect someone who is honest about themselves we may not always rewarded and he may not get reelected either way here but if a year ago he would've gone down the path i'm 54 forgetful i am 80 years old i built this team i've been here for 50 years i'm guiding the ship that's why of the people in the rigors and started on that path to create excuses people find reasonable he might be in a little bit better place. and we might not have the opportunity to jump on what he'll call gaffe i would call memory lapse or absolute.
1:23 am
a blank stare. and for she's continued to lie his staff is continue to like he did not build a good team and there's nothing left for them to rest their hat on progress he py not be a good person with all these bad decisions. they should lead into the fact he can see and talk to dead people. because then he could get advice from jfk and ronald reagan and that will be a big deal. coming up thou shall not eat meat or eggs, what? the new 10 vegan commandments it will make you barf it is for schools the hilarious response from a top school administrator. that is next. ♪
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peter is add it again. the radical animal rights group is trying to implement vegan agenda on school cafeterias in oklahoma. the 10 commenced yes they are called that include thou shall not regard all animals as individuals who deserve respect and compassion and another quote thou shalt not consume an animal's flesh, skin, or eggs or anything else that belongs to an animal. oklahoma's date quickly mocked pita for the insane demands. >> have a special response for pita. the burgers are great here in oklahoma you are welcome for lunch anytime. [laughter] >> that is a tremendous. joey, i want to get your response to this one a particular vegan commandment
1:29 am
it's number five by the way quote thou shalt not kill, maim or injure any animal for sports. >> u.s. ted nugent if you go for sport or nourishment it is a lot of fun but that it's what he said and i agree with him you got the harvest animals what bothers me about this is they o to the 10 commandments it's judeo-christian they are parroting a religious belief appeared but they stop where they never really start in genesis because actually read the bible they're trying it says in genesis one and god gave us dominium and over the animal so we can eat them and have a good time enjoying a hamburger. so were going to quote the bible, quote all that quote the park this is go have a hamburger. but more important note they are missing is people who consume animals of the reason why most of these animals are still around. in 1937 after the dustbowl almost all the water fell work on some pickled ducks unlimited came to be. since 1937 they have had $3.5 billion raised him
1:30 am
13 million acres in all 50 states of wetlands preserved from who? i don't know big act in some of these countries that contribute to places like peta the hunters are the one that kept an entire array of species alive. and so to demonize people and mock their religious faith and how they consume food and the ethics they live by is not how you bring people over. pita is no more than a fun drinking mex mechanism they don't stand for anything and don't have much free quick certain topics have sweet spots for analysts and commentators i think we just found in this particular case. kennedy it would fit your reaction to pita letter. asking make animal themed merry-go-round's extinct quote animal theme carousels unintentionally celebrate the exploitation of beings and animals used for rides and other forms of entertainment are confined and in servitude.
1:31 am
they need to be free to pursue their own lives and interests are also sun beaten, tormented slaughtered when their bodies were out animal themed carousels reinforce the notion these and beings are simply here for our entertainment rather than individuals of the same capacity to experience fear, pain, joy and love as any of us i'm not going to ask a question at this point. >> i cannot believe the blatant radicalization. if they were really trying to get people to live longer live lives in moderation they can do it they could have vegan at monday or tofu tuesday but this incredibly insane projection on kids? if a child rides a plastic dolson on a daycare so they're going around and around having a good time they're not going to go home and be like dad, by me flipper right now i need to subjugate a dolphin. [laughter] i was in south africa in october
1:32 am
there is a pride of mail lines that went into one part of the reserve they killed all the cubs and all the females who would not mate with them. i wonder what pita would have to say to them they are not being very gentle with other animals within their own species. [laughter] >> all great points. how would you how would she react? work so be so sad and so not real. that is the problem. pita got trader joe's to take away the dancing elephants off of their products of dancing elephants those are cartoons has pita seen tom and gerry? bugs bunny? this goes all the be up to the cartoons it has reached a crazy level. i also think pita picks fights they know and places or people fight back so they get all the attention. like you said, to raise money progress that's all it is there happy regardless of what we say progress very good point coming up 2024 hopefuls are going to do it democrats won't to stop the
1:33 am
illegal immigrant may have on our streets, that is next.
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this kitchenaid stand mixer for only $56. i got this bbq smoker for 26 bucks. and shipping is always free. go to right now and see how much you can save. >> welcome back to the big weekend show the 15-year-old migrant accused of shooting a tourist in times square is facing charges today. fox news correspondent cb cotton has the update from new york city. >> the 15-year-old suspect are being charged as an adult he was arraigned today in manhattan criminal court on multiple charges to include attempted murder. officers say this team did not care who he hurt as he ran away. is taken into custody friday afternoon and yonkers less than
1:38 am
20 miles north of new york city. fox is choosing not to show his face because of his age nypd said the team have been saved in migrant shelter in the city tooo of his high school buddies came into a sporting goods store thursday evening and began shoplifting. investigators say the suspect fired a total of three shots from a 45 caliber gun towards a retail security guard and police officers who were trying to stop him. paul mauro warmer nypd inspected gators said they will probe the teens at background and how he got that gun. >> we see this sort of brazen unconscionable crime in the crossroads of his new city with a high-caliber weapon that is very surprising he got so quickly. does a lot of reporting these guys are sent here as part of their gang to raise money for. >> the 15-year-old is also a suspect into other crimes. a bronx armed robbery in a shots
1:39 am
fired case in midtown, manhattan. back to you. >> cb cotton, thank you so much. relate two weeks before that in times square a group of illegal immigrants attacked nypd officers also in times square body camera surveillance video just released shows the brutality of that attack with the district attorney's office is still looking for some of those thugs who were involved. and now former president trump's promising serious penalties for illegal immigrants who assault police officers. >> after seeing the recent video of a wild pack of the legal aliens of viciously attacking these two new york city really good people sought interview high quality police officers i'm going to ask congress to pass a strong sentencing enhance about any illegal alien assaulting a police officer they immediately go to jail or even better they get thrown out of the country, brought back to the country they
1:40 am
came from because putting them in jail is very expensive for us. [cheering] [applause] >> kennedy i'm going to begin with you. you live in new york city the former president is talking about a broad-based policy there. however someone who lives in new york city this is a city politically liberal these are also folks who live here in a city where they are seeing their fellow new yorkers and tourists attacked and feel unsafe. does that kind of a messaging make it impact from a political standpoint for people who are more liberal minded, democrats and the like over talking about their personal safety? >> yes that is where the few things that binds us together is the need for public safety. if you strip down government to its most basic parts that is the one thing government is supposed to provide for you and alvin break the d.a. here in new york city let's these guys off. he is like my hands are tied. your hands are not tied you are
1:41 am
purposefully allowing people who are committing a vicious violent felonies to not only go back out on the streets they take buses across the country but cops loos look out for cops. you have law enforcement in places like arizona and they are on the lookout for these people. i am sorry, if you came here to commit crimes and hurt people you cannot be here. that would be a basic tenant of any country you would want to visit. they would not allow you to be in their country and hurt their citizens for they would send you back to where you came from. this do-gooder re- is making society worse. this is alvin braggs in new york this is gavin newsom's america. people have realized they do not want this but this is not a livable city. trumps nearest competitor for the gop nomination, nikki haley had this to say about what she would do. >> we pass the toughest illegal immigration law and th in the cy
1:42 am
when i was governor. we will defund the sanctuary cities once and for all. will put 25000 border patrol and ice agents on the ground and let them do their job. instead of catch and release who wiwill go to catch and deport. >> what are your thoughts on that? what she is saying but also the tenor and tone of what she is saying she is very different from the former present but he is coming down like a hammer on something that scaring americans all over for. >> people ultimately with the hammer at this point they are very angry about what happened with those cops in times square two weeks ago. yes that beating was hard to watch but then the release of them from jail holding up not one but two middle fingers that was to all of us. saying screw you, i am here. i am out you are not going to be able to do anything to me. >> about the shooting of the breezeway? >> our breezeway is between two fox buildings at this point this is all happening within a block of where we are right now or
1:43 am
right outside our door literally. blacks and hispanics are fleeing this president because of ironically enough the border issue. they see their services social services are being taken away from them so these people can be taken care of who are here illegally. so you see sanitation cut, and education cut in this the nypd you see budgets being cut so we can make room for people who don't want to respect the law enforcement in this country, this will decide this election the economies always number one eyes of the border and immigration will be number one ultimately. >> picking up on his points it's like folks in chicago who are incredibly frustrated with what is not being done for american citizens there. people are looking for leadership and they are not seeing it right now in the white house and they are not seeing it in congress either. >> if you watch the video those police officers were beaten. you don't know when the people beating them are going to stop that is the problem. we reported a couple months ago group of teenagers that beat a teenager to death. i don't know if their intent was
1:44 am
to beat him to death but the result of them ganging up on him and beating him was he died. i don't know, four years ago or five years ago did those cops pull a weapon if they do, they do it justifiably you are absolutely allowed to use the tools at your disposal to defend your life you are ability to live and see tomorrow when you're being attacked. if that happened to me as a united states citizen and any state i would choose to reside and i would pull a gun and start shooting people trying to kill me until they stop trying to kill me and i woul i will be jud in doing so. a compass issued a gun for the purpose of taking criminals off the street and protecting innocent people and they cannot use that gun for that purpose anymore. anyone who ate anything to do it that are the people in the white house right now. they have to at some point answer for that. i am not talking defund the police i am talking institutional dictates what law and order truly means and it starts at the border and stops in her hometown too. >> people are telling us they're looking for answers. coming up super bowl superstitions are lighting up
1:45 am
the vegas strip you will not believe the things football fans are doing to tilt the odds in their team's favor. that is next. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> there are going to be so many hangovers to margaret welcome back to the big weekend show we are less than 24 hours away from the super's to super bowl and las vegas for the first time with the san francisco 49ers. my team are taking on the kansas city chief's i hope taylor swift cries. fox news correspondent got the plum assignment he was sent to sin city as the anticipation for the big game. >> is super bowl is a tier one national security event that means he gets extensive federal support. the department of homeland security says it held vomit prevention workshops u.s. customs and border protection said will be scanning of vehicles and cargo entering the stadium for narcotics, weapons and explosives. the sheriff of this town says he thanks vegas will handle the event so well there will be more super bowl's to come here. super bowl lviii is expected to
1:50 am
generate more than $600 million and attract more than three and 30,000 people. as we talk to fans here in vegas there's a lot of chat about taylor swift whether she will arrive on time or at all for tomorrow's game. >> you hoping to catch a glimpse of taylor swift? >> we are in the 230 suites right behind us as possible. >> taylor swift is the audits football player that ever existed. >> who is questioned. >> she is the best football player yes obviously she's for the nfl. they going to the game? snow i don't have $7000 my husband cut me off regards taylor swift wrapped up a concert in tokyo she is believed it to be flying here right now to see her boyfriend play in allegiant stadium in the super bowl. >> it's so exciting she is going to land in a minute. and then she's going to curse the team. yoko swift know they are calling her at. [laughter] when vegas baby it's all about saying yes.
1:51 am
>> hello want to be at a moment to discuss the church of jesus christ of latter day saints? let's come on in. ♪ ♪ ♪ i do want to learn how to fly progress i'd like to learn korean. [laughter] one reported to jim carrey's advice and said yes to every upgrade that sounds like so much fun in vegas she cut lines, got pampered at the portillo sports book enjoyed prime sitting at the eiffel tower restaurant she said quote was every up charge worth a? absolutely not but if you are worth your money. further the upgrades cost her just under $1000 since she got up pretty well. superstitions will probably be a big part of the big game in vegas and across the country new survey finds nearly half of sports fanatics use their game day snacks and hopes of tilting the odds in their team's favor. so joey, i know there are a lot of rituals that people engage in
1:52 am
before the big game. 40% were a lucky outfit i will be wearing my green irish st. patrick's day 49ers shortbread 38% eat a specific type of food what do you do? >> more on the college football side to have the one t-shirt that i wear until my team loses because my team did not lose for two years and then i burn it so permits by the clothing. >> thathe clothing is key but wt about the food? are there good luck foods and bad luck foods becaus question. >> separately the art garlic bread is a bad luck food what did garlic bread too it is fantastic popcorn, good luck, pizza, this feels too easy hot dog, berger, chips, pizza good luck. also crowd pleasers. >> so san francisco is already bested kansas city this season. what will they key it be for the 49ers to keep the streak alive? christian mccaffrey. a lot of 23.
1:53 am
brock pretty doesn't make any big mistakes, manages the game well. samuel is a great, great receiver pretty good running back as well progress he could throw the ball as well a triple threat. i think in the end san francisco should wi witness games but patk mahomes is getting a michael jordan overrode to them. the dog versus the kid. >> flip a coin at this point. but here's the thing about the bad luck foods you are saying eat deviled eggs is going to give you bad luck question because i watch a lot of football progress chicken wings lent on the bad luck list chicken wings are a part of the game it. i make in my wings but i could see things attempted deviled eggs and garlic bread being bad luck if you are single in vegas you might cause a bodily bodily reactions, not bad luck for a game progress i would not invite the devil to a super bowl watch party absolutely not leave those off the list your absolutely right if someone else is eating garlic bread go ahead and eat
1:54 am
the garlic bread but don't roll the dice if you're looking to make nice. [laughter] so please stick around the big weekend flaps are next. stay with us.
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welcome back to the "big weekend show", it is time now for our big weekend flops. our expo the biggest veils of the week, i will go first. aaa warning california customers of substantial price increases after the statement was recently approved minimum wage hikes for fast food workers you are in california, you don't need aaa, you have the best mexican food outside of mexico but this is one of the unintended consequences hurt the lowest income earners when you raise minimum wage, people who need the most of last to get them and prices go up those who can afford them. >> appeal burst into laughter after the network can away again from former president trump's remarks this time on thursday. as the supreme court heard arguments on whether he should be disqualified from a 2024 ballot in colorado. >> iran was broke, no money to give to hamas. >> okay, i think we've got all the illegal analysis will get
1:59 am
off trump. >> when he becomes a poll of cable news? done this over and over and they think they are doing the right thing shielding their audience from donald trump's remarks, he's been in the public eye nine years, the same network that used to carry trump's remarks even before is on the podium awaiting trump's remarks so i will share this and we will move on. fox thursday 4 million people to did at its peak, cnn couldn't break 1 million. you tell me if they are doing the right thing. >> not just the federal government wants to take away your gun rights, supreme court refusing to follow the gun rights, state supreme court issued an opinion and they said against the spirit of a local to allow the second amendment that will not only exist in our constitution but their own so i believe it with hawaiians, get yourself together and carry gu
2:00 am
guns. >> utah snowboarder who had a near-death experience the mountain lion attacking him going down a snowy slope, the man used his board to defend himself against the beast saying he came out of the fight with a few small scratches and he's lucky to be alive and not only did this happen once, the kat got knocked down and got back up and try to get had to fight again. >> so mad right now. >> i forgot about that one. don't use your snow stick to hurt animals. >> 7:00 p.m. eastern for the big weekend show, life, liberty and levin starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪


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